2017 Generac PowerPact 5.6kVA - 50Hz Model #6520

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PowerPact 5.6kVA - 50Hz Model #6520



Generac’s PowerPact™ home standby generator is the affordable, automatic alternative to portable backup power. Features incorporate many of the qualities and reliability of the best selling Guardian Series, while remaining the most affordable home standby generator available. Significantly quieter than a portable generator, it protects the home’s most essential circuits, like refrigerators, well pumps and select appliances, without having to manually set up during inclement weather, refuel, or run electrical cords.

  • Affordable, Automatic 24/7 Backup Power: With Generac PowerPact you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home and family are protected 24/7 from the dangers of power outages. Cover just the essential electrical items with the most affordable automatic backup generator available on the market.
  • True Power™ Technology: Best-in-class power quality with less than 5% total harmonic distortion means clean, smooth operation of your sensitive electronics and appliances.
  • Generac OHV Engine: The Generac OHV engine is designed for reliability and long-life operation.
  • Digital Controller: Digital controller with LED status and fault indicators.
  • Certified for 18" Installation to the Home: Third-party certified to NFPA standards to be installed as close as 18” from the home’s exterior wall, provided it is located away from doors, windows, and fresh-air intakes, and unless otherwise directed by local codes.
  • Easy Accessibility: Three of the four sides are easily removable for simplified service and maintenance access.
  • All-Weather Steel Enclosure: Our durable powder-coat finish helps make the sturdy, galvanneal steel enclosure perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Continuous Fuel Source - LP or Natural Gas: The engine runs on existing liquid propane or natural gas for a continuous, worry-free fuel supply.
  • Mobile Link™ Compatible: Take advantage of Generac’s Mobile Link cellular remote monitoring system and check on your generator’s status using your computer, tablet or smartphone, even when you are away. Sold separately. Non-cellular remote monitoring options are also available for generator monitoring from inside the home.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support: Power outages don’t always occur during normal working hours. That’s why Generac’s customer care call center—right here in Wisconsin—provides support any time of day or night, all year long. Generac is standing by 24/7, every minute of every day, to answer your questions.
  • 3-year Limited Warranty
  • Rated Maximum Continuous Power Capacity (LP): 5600 VA
  • Rated Maximum Continuous Power Capacity (NG): 5000 VA
  • Rated Voltage: 220
  • Rated Maximum Continuous Load Current – 220 Volts: 25.5 / 22.7
  • Main Line Circuit Breaker: 32 Amp
  • Phase: 1
  • Number of Rotor Poles: 2
  • Rated AC Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power Factor: 1
  • Battery Requirement (not included) : Group U1, 12 Volts and 300 CCA Minimum
  • Unit Weight (lb/kg): 330/150
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) in./mm: 36 x 27 x 25/915 x 676 x 640
  • Sound output in dB(A) at 23 ft (7 m) with generator operating at normal load**: 67
  • Type of Engine: GENERAC OHV
  • Number of Cylinders: 1
  • Displacement: 420 cc
  • Cylinder Block: Aluminum w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
  • Valve Arrangement: Overhead Valve
  • Ignition System: Solid-state w/ Magneto
  • Governor System: Mechanical
  • Starter: 12 VDC
  • Oil Capacity: Approx. 1.2 qt/1.1 L
  • Operating rpm: 3000
  • Fuel Consumption: Natural Gas ft³/hr (m³/hr) 1/2 Load: 81 (2.29)
  • Fuel Consumption: Natural Gas ft³/hr (m³/hr) Full Load: 120 (3.42)
  • Fuel Consumption: Liquid Propane ft³/hr (gal/hr) [l/hr] 1/2 Load: 24.4 (0.67) [2.54]
  • Fuel Consumption: Liquid Propane ft³/hr (gal/hr) [l/hr] Full Load: 41.5 (1.14) [4.32]
  • LED Indicators: Simple user interface for ease of operation.
  • Mode Switch: Auto : Automatic Start on Utility failure. 7 day exerciser.
  • Mode Switch: Off: Stops unit. Power is removed. Control and charger still operate.
  • Mode Switch: Manual/Test (start): Start with starter control, unit stays on. If utility fails, transfer to load takes place.
  • Engine Start Sequence: Cyclic cranking: Engine cranks a maximum of five times at factory set intervals and durations
  • Engine Warm-up: 30 sec
  • Engine Cool-Down: 1 min
  • Starter Lock-out: Starter cannot re-engage until 5 sec after engine has stopped.
  • 2.5 Amp Smart Battery Charger: Standard
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator: Standard
  • Automatic Low Oil Level Shutdown: Standard
  • Overspeed Shutdown: Standard
  • Underspeed Shutdown: Standard
  • High Temperature Shutdown: Standard
  • Overcrank Protection: Standard
  • Safety Fused: Standard
  • Wiring Error Detection: Standard
  • Battery Problem Warning: Standard
  • Charger Problem Warning: Standard
  • RPM Sensor Loss Shutdown: Standard
  • Maintenance Indicators (Indicate Break-in and Regular Maintenance is due): Standard
Fuel pipe must be sized for full load. Required fuel pressure to generator fuel inlet at all load ranges - 5-7" water column (6-13 mm mercury) for natural gas, 10-12" water column (19-22 mm mercury) for LP gas. For Btu content, multiply ft³/hr x 2500 (LP) or ft³/hr x 1000 (NG). For megajoule content, multiply m³/hr x 93.15 (LP) or m³/hr x 37.26 (NG). **Sound levels are taken from the front of the generator. Sound levels taken from other sides of the generator may be higher depending on installation parameters. Rating definitions - Standby: Applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of the utility power outage. No overload capability is available for this rating. (All ratings in accordance with BS5514, ISO3046 and DIN6271). * Maximum wattage and current are subject to and limited by such factors as fuel Btu/megajoule content, ambient temperature, altitude, engine power and condition, etc. Maximum power decreases about 3.5 percent for each 1,000 feet (304.8 meters) above sea level; and also will decrease about 1 percent for each 6 °C (10 °F) above 16 °C (60 °F).



Engine Type
420 cc


36 in. (915 mm)
27 in. (676 mm)
25 in. (640 mm)
330 lb. (150 kg)


AC Output
LP: 5600 VA; Natural Gas: 5000 VA
Noise Level
67 dB(A)

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